Priest Town

In November 1888 Jack the Ripper ceased his bloody slaughter.

Eleven years later Detective Inspector Albert Meadowbank would find out why as he investigates the murder of two women with horrific wounds chillingly familiar.

To add to the death toll, a priest is lynched in his own church, graves are robbed of corpses and fear grips a Lancashire mill town as vigilante mobs and a deranged killer stalk the streets.

Retired Chief Inspector Frederick George Abberline, the famous Ripper Detective is called in to assist the investigation.

A few months later, as the Boers invade Natal, Charles Cadley, millionaire industrialist and benefactor of Ribbleton Manor, sets sail for the Cape.  Hell-bent on the recovery of a fortune in diamonds from the besieged town of Kimberley, he leaves behind madness and bloody mayhem.  Both wait patiently for his return.

Then there is the lake, in the grounds of the magnificent manor house, the family home of the Cadley dynasty, eager to reveal secrets it has kept hidden for centuries.

From the soot laden cobbled streets of a northern town to the vastness of the South African Savannah, the hunt is on to catch two bloodthirsty killers who are destined to clash as Meadowbank and Abberline race to bring both maniacs to justice, oblivious to a supernatural force yearning for its release.

Priest Town Cover

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Priest Town 


One thought on “Priest Town

  1. A real Lancashire horror gem. Meadowbank is the butter-pie partial Detective battling the forces of darkness in this sinister tale set in the Victorian Town of Priests, Preston.

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